Frequently Asked Questions

No you don’t have to leave your vehicle with us as long as you have both collision and comprehensive insurance on the vehicle and it is registered in the lower mainland. Motorcycle’s and camping trailers/vehicles must be left with us though.

Yes we do loans on utility trailers but they must be left in our possession.

We lend up to 50% of the vehicles wholesale value if it is left with us and up to 30% if you want to drive your vehicle.

We are flexible with our lending terms. We offer 2-6 month repayment terms.

No you must make the payments on or before the scheduled monthly payments agreed upon in your contract.

Technically the vehicle is owned by the other person, so they would be the one that needs sign the papers and get the loan.

No the Vehicle must be registered in B.C. for it to qualify for a loan.

We have secure indoor storage for some vehicles but space is limited. Some vehicles must be stored outside which is also secure.

If you leave your vehicle with us you must have storage or comprehensive insurance on it.

Our loan fees vary depending on how much money you borrow. The interest is calculated per diem, we do not charged fixed interest or any penalties for paying loans off early. Please give us a call for a quote.

We believe in straight forward lending, the rates and costs you are quoted are the ones you receive. We will never tack on unknown additional fees or require you to use unnecessary 3rd party hardware or services.

Unlike our competitors we don’t feel it is a necessary measure and the additional cost they pass on to their customers is often problematic.
A car title loan is when a borrower owns a car outright and borrows money against the value of their vehicle.
Yes, but these vehicles must have a current ICBC registration in the borrowers name, with current storage insurance. Also these vehicles must stay in the lenders secure storage for the duration of the loan.
Our terms are flexible, but usually between 2 months and 1 year with payments being due every 30 days.
No, but there are provisions in the contract to pay smaller payments on the due dates, with a lump sum being due at the end of the term.

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